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Water Meditation Download - Music along with Sonia

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Water Meditation Download - Music along with Sonia
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This 45 minute song soothes your emotional body and nurtures your spirit when you need comfort, calm, and healing. 

It is great for quieting the self after trauma and emotional upset, and clears negative ties and cording to the past or to others or conditions that drag you down. 

It also elevates intuition and eases over sentimental to bring you to a clear view. Use it to clear the past, lighten the spirit, and open your heart. 

How To Use: 

Each song contains 45 minutes of beautiful original music that activates the frequency of the corresponding element in your own expression and energy field, as well as a guided meditation to further call that frequency into play in your life. 

Enjoy the music by itself or with the meditation to nurture and balance your spirit and strengthen your ability to succeed. Each one expresses one of the five elements and helps change the rhythm and direction of your life and guides you to a more authentic and creative path of expression. 

Choose the one that speaks to you at this time or get all five so you are able to call up these frequencies as you need them.
Customer Reviews
Rating Helpful Product!
Calming and empowering, peaceful and rejuvenating recordings. I really enjoyed the combination of music, sound effects and the spoken words. Thank you very much!
  Reviewed by:   from Port Moody. on 12/20/2012
Rating Empowering, Stimulating And Relaxing...
I enjoy listening to Sonia's soothing voice along with the primeval type music played in the background. Sonia's strong, powerful words combined with the music seems to reach me at a very deep and pleasurable level. Thank you!
  Reviewed by:   from Kamloops, British Columbia, CANADA. on 12/8/2012
Rating very relaxing and clearing
This is a great alternative to traditional meditation. I got a great benefit of lightness and peace after gently engaging with the music and Sonia's kind and loving guidance. I like that it does not require undivided attention, and have never been an expert at standard meditation practices. The biggest reason I wouldn't give this 5 stars is because of the price, but it was free with Sonia's kind discount so I would definitely recommend it.
  Reviewed by:   from US. on 12/6/2012
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