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Six Sensory <br> Online Course
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Discover the Most In-Depth Intuitive Development Training Course
on the Market

Get the Tools You Need to Succeed for Life – All at Your Own Pace!

Hello Six Sensories,

Over the past several years I have received inquiries from many readers and students asking for advanced training in the intuitive arts for both personal and professional purposes. These requests have inspired me to now offer Six Sensory Living, a virtual training certification program for practitioners of the Six Sensory Arts as part of my Six Sensory University! Throughout this course, I will personally provide:

  • Practical training, professional support, and ethical guidelines to enhance your overall well-being
  • In-depth guidance to lead you to a more successful and fulfilled personal and professional life

Six Sensory Living is designed for, but not limited to, anyone desiring to build or enhance their practice in the field of:

  • Anyone who wants to ensure success in their lives and reach their full potential through highly developed intuitive skills
  • Healing, Energy, and Soul Supporting Arts
  • Psychology
  • Teaching
  • Counseling
  • And Business Advising
My personal soul assignment is to help people balance lives and heal the planet… I will see you on your path.
- Sonia

Let’s work together to ensure you have the tools you need for success!

  • Over 70 lessons (25+ hours) web HD Quality! Lifetime Access to course. All at your own pace.
  • All Videos and Lessons are iPad, iPhone, iTouch, Droid, Kindle, Tablets, PC, Mac and more ready! Enjoy the material at home, on the go... anywhere!
  • Three never before released meditations
  • Six mp3 songs
  • 32-page workbook
  • Ask Sonia Yes! Once enrolled you'll have direct access to Sonia via the course. She will personally email you a response to one of your most personal questions!!

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    Rating I'm off and running!
    I've only had the course for a week, but after immediately starting, I have felt my sixth sense start to kick in higher gear right out of the gate. It's been an incredible week, and I'm looking forward to how much more this course is going to do for me. This was a great purchase for me as I work in a service industry and am looking to up my game.
      Reviewed by:   from Seoul, South Korea. on 5/15/2016
    Rating Six Sensory Online Course
    I was looking to improve my Six Sensory. I saw Sonia's course my guides told me to purchase the course. OMG what a great course. This was the best thing I did for myself. The video are great I studied at my own pace. You can do the course with someone or alone. I have incorporated into my daily life what I have learned from the course. This course made me understand what I was already doing it and helped me to strengthen my gifts. I have learned to be more centered and view situation and life in a different way but most of all be truly who I am which is love. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who would like to learn or who are a six sensory but doesn't know who to deal with their own gifts. Thank you Sonia this is a very well thought course. Peace E.
      Reviewed by:   from Minneapolis. on 2/21/2016
    Rating Six Sensory Training Online Course
    I have wanted to do this course for eight years so I am very happy Sonia has made it available via the internet. I began reading Sonia's books nine years ago, during which time I had a powerful healing with Sonia's guides, which prompted me to go to San Diego to attend a 3 day course with Sonia - which created such a positive turning point in my inner life. I find the Six Sensory Course so well put together. The quality of the videos is excellent. The teachings, exercises are fabulous, and the guided meditations - well they're something else entirely! I feel so much love and daily hands-on guidance coming from Sonia' Guides. They are with me so much of the time as I go through the course, helping me define my own spiritual journey, and assisting in my work with others. I feel more ease, clarity and heightened intuitive awareness. This is exactly what I was desiring when I signed up for this course, given that I am at another one of life's turning points. Now, things are coming into focus for me. I am so appreciative that I have access to such a clear, deep, stream of wisdom. This is a true gem. Thank you, Sonia!
      Reviewed by:   from Prescott, AZ. on 7/9/2014
    Rating A Treasure Of Knowledge
    I'm just ecstatic working with the course and I'm amazed how much is opening up to me. The world which I was always wondering about and thought I knew a few things about is starting to opening up to me in a new magical light! This is the best gift I given myself this year and I'm celebrating my choice, my intuition telling me to get enrolled and study the Six Sense in depth with Sonia. If you are looking for a teacher you are looking at the right place, Sonia is just a treasure of knowledge, light and beautiful energy.
      Reviewed by:   from Vietnam. on 3/17/2014
    Rating A Fantastic Course ... For Life!
    As someone who has experienced profound yet uncontrolled psychic insights I was looking for guidance. I found it! Its an in depth course that gives you plenty of exercises that challenges your way of thinking and nurtures you on a path of controlled and functional psychic awareness. I look forward to discovering more about myself and my psychic abilities as I practice! Thanks Sonia! Great job!
      Reviewed by:   from Australia. on 6/16/2013
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