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Coming Home<br>Online Course
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Do you dream of the perfect relationship, having the newest dress or these days, checking to see how popular your Facebook page is? Staying busy, running from here to there trying to fill the void in your life so the sense of loneliness and emptiness disappears and it simply is not working? I truly believe that what we are missing is our own true spirit, this is the missing link that we are truly searching for. You deserve a deeper, more authentic life, where YOU are in control and you can have peace of mind and quiet your nervous system. This process of shifting and shedding old artificial selfs and old forms of ourselves and being more wholesome and authentic can be accomplished and the time is now.

It is time to push pause on all the mental and emotional attempts to make your life perfect and actually come home to your true self and your true nature.

Coming home to the person that you have become and you are today is as easy as this.

Here is why you want to join today...

  • You will fill the void in your heart
  • Liberation from unhealthy choices and decisions
  • Freedom from self doubt and anxiety
  • You will have a sense of grounded direction
  • You will find an authentic connection with yourself and others
  • Peace of mind!

When you order Coming Home you'll get:

  • 14 video lessons with 2 hours of teaching content
  • 2 never before released grounding meditations
  • Visual Journey to the heart video
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
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Rating Sonia did it again!
I love that Sonia continues to share her evolving wisdom. I recommend this to anyone who wants to live an awakened life.
  Reviewed by:   from Seattle. on 10/9/2016
Rating Coming Home
LOVED IT! Thank you, Sonia! Your genuine approach is so refreshing - no painting it with a rose hue just to be Positive/Spiritual, and I appreciate the authenticity of that/you! I could not put WALKING HOME down, and this course is a richer, deeper - other side, opening to the foundation of that.
  Reviewed by:   from Canada. on 3/13/2016
Rating Healing Material
I found the content of this course very healing. It helped me come home to my true self, when I felt homesick to return to the social acceptance of others. Thank you for sharing this.
  Reviewed by:   from Edmonton, Canada. on 11/3/2015
Rating Coming Home Online Course
Thank you so much Sonia for the wonderful course you have put together. It has really helped to put my life into perspective and given me the courage to dig deep and to find out why I have this loneliness inside of me - like a void I could never fill but didn't know why. On the outside I seemed to have everything and be happy but on the inside there was an emptiness, a void and a feeling of never been good enough. You are an inspiration to me and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  Reviewed by:   from Palmwoods, QLD, Australia. on 7/22/2015
Rating Ms
One of the best courses I've experienced. I LOVE Sonia's meditations but the two (especially the second one) are the best i've experience. The course sessions are just about the right length...maybe 10 minutes and by a miracle of "coincidences" which we know are NOT coincidences the experiences covered so far in the course (lesson 4) so mirror my own current life experience it could be my life you are talking about. Life begins at 72!!!
  Reviewed by:   from Australia. on 6/20/2015
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