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Card Decks For Beginners Online Course

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Card Decks For Beginners Online Course
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We often talk about the fact that YOU are the MASTER you are seeking, and we mean it. All the creativity, answers to current dilemmas and guidance for decisions are within you.

One of the easiest and accessible ways to tap into your inner guidance is through the ancient divination technique of tarot cards.

This profound system comes from pre Egyptian culture and was designed to allow a physical means to tap into the metaphysical.

For centuries, people have used the tarot to help them gain access to spiritual knowledge and explore universal truths.

The great thing is you don't have to be spiritually inclined to get something out of the tarot. Anyone can do it! Yet it also greatly adds to any spiritual practice once you understand the ins and outs.

Sonia Choquette is one of the top intuitive counselors on the planet, her ability to tune in is second to none, and in this program she is going to teach you this very same gift of personal intuition through the oracle of tarot.

When you need assistance in any given moment, through this program you now have the means to gain the deepest of insights into any situation.

Sonia will teach you how to attract more guidance into your life, how the cards can uplift and inform you and how you can go deeper into your spiritual practice all by using card decks.

AND you can even help your family and friends.

  • How to use and handle the cards
  • Preparation for working with the cards
  • What different decks are and how to use them
  • The gift of interpretation
  • What insights the cards are delivering
  • How to give readings to others
  • How to access that place of divination within you
  • What the cards can and can't do
Once you learn how to work with the decks, you create your own languaging and relationship with them.

No matter what card deck you are working with, when you learn to approach them correctly, it all makes sense.

The first 200 people who purchase this brand new course you will recieve 2 excitng features!

1. 15 page workbook
2. Free mini card reading directly from Sonia

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Rating Mrs
I love the oracles and have searched for someone or books to help me in reading them. I decided to try Sonia's Card Decks for Beginners online course and I now know what I'm doing, I think. Sonia makes it easy to understand, she teaches that it is easy, I've had others try to explain but they go too deep and make it hard to understand. Sonia makes it uncomplicated. Anyone wanting to learn, this is the course to start with and end with. It's not hard. Love this lady.
  Reviewed by:   from Grande Prairie, AB Canada. on 3/16/2017
Rating Insightful Course
I really enjoy the course. Sonia is very informative and it helped me so much to give better readings. her advise is so simple and makes so much sense, but something about the way she comes across, it really stuck in your brain. She is an awesome teacher.
  Reviewed by:   from Vancouver BC. on 2/9/2017
Rating Trust Sonia
Sonia is a great teacher. This course gives you detailed information on how to to read the cards. What is important to me is that I feel I can trust the information she gives you. Yudian
  Reviewed by:   from Australia . on 11/25/2016
Rating retired
these cards are lovely and the art work is compelling. sonia's simple subject matter is all that appears on the card, prompting inward exploration and intuitive guidance to surface. i've used the cards a few times with friends and my confidence is building in allowing my higher self to speak through the cards. thanks so much.
  Reviewed by:   from philadelphia, pennsylvania. on 5/25/2016
Rating Card Decks for Beginners
Although I have worked with cards for some time, after reading one of Sonias books I decided to treat myself and check out someone else's knowledge on the cards. I found the course informative and learnt a few good new tips that I will be putting into practice. If this course calls to you just jump in and give it a go, good advice never goes astray.
  Reviewed by:   from Adelaide, South Australia. on 5/2/2016
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